Frequently Asked Questions


How much product do I need?

First, calculate your square footage (length x width x depth)

1 yard of material will cover 160 square feet for a 2" depth
1 yard of material will cover 135 square feet for a 2 1/2" depth
1 yard of material will cover 108 square feet for a 3" depth
1 yard of material will cover 80 square feet at a 4" depth

*If using road mix on a new road - the typical depth is 3 to 4 inches. For landscape rock - the typical depth is 2 inches.

Is there a quantity/yardage minimum?

No, but the shipping cost will be the same per truck, regardless of how full the truck is.

Will you spread the material for me?

Spreading can be accomplished, provided the dumpsite is level and accessible. This means that the truck/trailer has ample room to maneuver, back up and dump. It is essential to know that you might need to do some work by hand.

How much can a truck haul?

A truck can haul 14 tons or 10 yards of material. A truck and pup trailer can haul 25 tons or 18 yards of material.

Will I be charged a delivery fee if I order multiple loads?

Yes, each load will have a delivery fee.

What if I order a truck & pup, and you cannot get in my driveway?

If we cannot deliver and the driver returns with the load, you will still be charged the delivery fee even though no material was provided. The driveway should be at least 15ft apart and have enough room for the driver to turn around.